About Monica Saini, MD


As a subspecialized breast imaging physician and former nurse, I have dedicated my professional life to not only find breast cancer but to address the breast and the woman as one integrated whole. I strongly believe you must address the mental, physical, and emotional components of our breasts and how they are part of our whole well being.

As the chief of breast imaging at my radiology practice, I personally interpret about 7,500 digital mammograms/year. In addition I utilize hand held breast ultrasound, 3D automated whole breast ultrasound and MRI. In addition I perform needle biopsy and preoperative wire localizations for abnormalities. I work closely with breast surgeons and oncologists in making diagnoses and contributing to a interdisciplinary treatment plan.

In breast needle biopsies, I employ a breath centered approach that utilizes a relaxation method to minimize biopsy pain.  By involving the patient in the process we can lower the stress response in what can be an otherwise anxiety provoking experience.

Once a diagnosis is made, I am often the first person to discuss the results and their significance. There is a thoughtful, humanistic way to convey both normal and cancer results.

In my 9 years of practice, I find that even bad news can be delivered in a compassionate but empowering way.  I lay the foundation of knowledge to navigate women through the team based approach that will serve her through this chapter of her journey.  In the end I care for many breast cancer “thrivers.”

But cancer is only one of the myriad of conditions that come into my care. Breast pain, pre, peri and post menopausal changes, and pregnancy and lactation related issues are part of the spectrum of my practice.

My integrated approach utilizes the most innovative technology along with recommendations for acupuncture, ergonomic intervention, nutrition, and stress modification to address the breast and the whole woman.

There is a vast supply of information on the internet. This information can empower and educate you or it can overwhelm and frighten you.  I am here to be your guide on a holistic approach to breast wellness.